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ACE EduTrend Ltd

ACE EduTrend Ltd

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The Acquisition manual on ACE Edutrend Limited is published for two purposes, firstly to identify the company as a potential acquisition target and secondly, to fully analyse all aspects of ACE Edutrend so that potential purchasers or investors have all the information necessary to enable an objective appraisal, India- Bombay Stock Exchange listed company. The Acquisition Manual on ACE Edutrend is written in concise and explicit terms which provide exactly the right level of information for each management function within the predator company to enable the formulation of three sections.

The Acquisition Database for ACE Edutrend Consists of 20 parts , comprising : The Chairman’s Overview; The Chief Exeutive’s Summary; The Financial Controller’s Balance Sheets; The Marketing Director’s objectives; The Sales Director’s Targets. Corporate Development Stratagem; Product Management Tactics; Overseas Development Guide; Product Distribution & Customer Service Planning; Advertising + P.R. Department Management; Market Research Issues; Administration & Customer Handling; Human Resours Director’s Screening Manual; Quality & Product Control Handbook; New Product Development Blueprint; New Technology Primers; Physical Process & Order Handling Schema; Competition Analysis; Product Perceptions and customer Perceptions.

Technical Education

  • Overview
  • All India Council for Technical Education
  • Council of Architecture
  • Externally Aided Projects
  • National Board Accreditation
  • Sub- Mission on Polytechnics upder the Coordinated Action for Skill Development