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Mr. Monendra Srivastava

Executive Director

Mr. Monendra Srivastava is Bachelor is Scienec (B.Sc) | Masters in Computer Science (M.Sc.) and PG Diploma in Computer & Applications (PGDCA)

Alongwith Mr. Srivastava has 15+ Years of Versatile Professional Exprience in IT/Software Teching & Development Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Projects Planing, Execution & Management, Digital Education System BPO Skill Training & Digital Indai.

Mr. Umaid Raj Tater

Independent Director

Mr.Umaid Raj Tater is Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy) holder.

Mr. Suresh Kumar Sharma

Independent Director

Mr. Suresh Kumar Sharma has done his M.B.A from Punjab Technical University and Ph.d from Jodhpur National University

Mrs. Himani Sharma

Independent Director

Mrs. Himani Sharma is Bachelor of Arts(B.A.) Masters in Economics (Hon.) (M.A) | PG Diploma in Computer & Applications (PGDCA) NTT Certified- National Techers Traning | B.ED (Bombay Arts) alongwith Mrs Himani has 7+ Years of Teaching Training & Education Industry and 6 Years of IT Comporates dealing Sales & Project Planing & Execution.